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Visit www.exceedacademy.in and add your details on the registration form.

Parents and children are preferred to attend the first session of the class.

The program is designed to start from basics. There is absolutely no prerequisite in programming required to join the class. However, the child’s interest in coding is of utmost importance. The course shall have homework projects and children should have the interest in completing them to reap maximum benefits.

Visit www.exceedacademy.in, and access Register Now option selecting the date of the batch. Besides, you shall receive an email with a link to register with which you can register online. Our executive will be available for any real-time support with Chat.

Children who wanted to pursue STEM would get the right foundation in this course. The course is designed to develop critical thinking, design abstraction and business modeling and creates a solid foundation to become an entrepreneur.

Free classes and orientations are periodically conducted. Visit www.exceedacademy.in and register your child and we will email you the exact dates. If you want to know it right away, our online experts are happy to assist you now (Tap the orange chat button towards your bottom-right corner)

You do not have to do anything, we will email you the next free class if you have not attended.

The duration of the class is one hour. Parents are encouraged to attend along with children to understand the course in detail and also to get any clarification.

You shall be provided with a link where you are requested to register. Our executives shall send you an email with details. Alternatively, you may directly visit our website and register online.


You have 2 options - Tap the ‘register button now’ towards the top of this page or wait for our email to pay online.

We support Debit and Credit Cards, Net payment, UPI payments

The fees are paid Monthly for 8 classes.

The course cost Rs.4000 for eight classes.

Yes, a 25% discount is offered to a sibling.


You can cancel the class and get a 100% refund before attending the 4th scheduled class of any batch.

Yes, until the start of the 4th scheduled class of any batch. You also have the option to continue in the next batch from where you have left the current batch.

Our experts can help to sort out any issues and if there is a need, the student can be transferred to a different tutor.

Yes, this would be a possibility. The candidate can join back in the next batch based on convenience subject to the availability of seats.

Absolutely. The quality of the course is no different than the one offered in Canada, We have only decreased the price offering to 4000 INR from 150 CAD (Approx. 8250INR), as we considered the purchasing power of India.


The courses are designed to cater to the age group of 13-15 years and 16-18 years.  

Coding helps a child to become stronger in problem-solving and logical reasoning.

Renowned Colleges look for specific interests of the child, steps taken till date and demonstrated outcome while getting students admitted. Achievements demonstrated by children are valued higher. Moreover, the learning span is beyond college and improves employability when your child graduates.

The course is designed to induce independent thinking, conceptualize an idea, improve self-confidence, and to support them to be an entrepreneur with hands-on experience. The course also provides sufficient hands-on coding experience that is necessary for employability after graduation.

Yes, on completion of relevant streams.

The course is conducted for two days per week with 1 hour each day.

The classes are conducted online. A class shall have 10 students max and is led by an experienced instructor. The classes are designed to provide a personalised and engaging experience with each student.

Each class lasts for an hour.

Yes. If there is a need for accelerating your learning, write to us at hello@exceedacademy.in

Materials handed out during the missed classes will be provided. We shall also provide a slot in any parallel class subject to slot availability.

Each month is structured as a separate course with well-defined topics. It is recommended that your child continues our program for two years to get hands-on experience with independent thinking.

Various courses of increasing complexities are available in each of the following streams:

  1. Front end web Stream
  2. Database Stream
  3. Backend Stream
  4. Architectural Stream
  5. Internship Stream
  6. Product Incubation Stream
  7. Product Scaling Stream


There are absolutely no prerequisites for attending. Interest in programming is sufficient.

Desktop / Laptop with an internet connection of at least 2mbps is required. The classes are interactive and hence a quiet place for your child would be required.


The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.

Our canadian Academy operates under exceedrobotics.com

The company was founded in 2014.


The online chat would be the quickest means to reach out to our support professional (Tap the chat icon, towards your bottom-right corner). You may also reach out via email to support@exceedacademy.in and we will respond back within 1 business day.

Chat with our experts or mail us and we will respond within 1 business day.

Write to us at support@exceedacademy.in and we will respond back within 1 business day.